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How to start earn at odesk

2 Feb

ImageThere is a lot of marketplace for online earning. But I preferred Odesk because it is the best one. In odesk your profile is very important because buyer will first look your profile when you apply for a job. According to experts more than 70% depend of your profile for getting job. So try to it looks professional, takes and pass minimum 20 skill tests. As a newbie it is difficult to get higher score. But if you search odesk related blogs you can find odesk test answers. Try to apply many job posting as you can. As a newbie you have a maximum of 20 job posting an week. So I suggest you apply maximum job posting every week. Because this will increase your chances for getting hired or interviewed. Try to write powerful cover letters related your job posting. When your contract accepts try to give better performance as if buyer happy with you.